Wife: Melba Lee Walton of Spartanburg, SC

Personal Data: Born: July 7, 1926 in Salisbury, NC. The son of George and Callie (Waller) Walton; raised by his aunt and uncle , Mr. & Mrs. T.C. Earnhardt.

Children: Five children – 3 Boys, 2 Girls, 10 Grandchildren and 8 Great- Grandchildren

Hobbies: Coaching

Buck enlisted in United STated Navy on March 9, 1944. On August 31, 1944 he is listed on board the USS Clyde. Then on April 1, 1946 he is listed amond the crew of the USS Unicoi as a Seaman 1st Class. Buck began his boxing career during his service in the Navy.Many of the results were not available. During this period of time, the newspapers focused on the War both in Europe and Pacific. Sports paged in the Spartanburg newspapers were usually one-page and devoted mostly to baseball. An article titled “Carl Chastain Heads Armory Fight Card Here- Boxes Buck Earnhardt in 19 Rounder” which appeared in the Spartanburg Herald Journal, state: “Buck Earnhardt has 40 triumphs, 21 setbacks and a pair of draws. He has floored 28 foes.” Former boxers from this era estimate that Buck probably had about 100 professional fights.

By 1957, Buck had been boxing for over 10 years.

Awards: Buck coached with Henry “Pappy” Gault for the city of Spartanburg Boxing Team in the mid 1960’s.

In 1963, Buck coached the Salvation Army Boys’ Club Bantam League Football team to the city championship with an 8-0 record.

In 1964, Buck’s Little League Baseball team the “Luncheon Optimist”, posted a perfect 22-0 record to win the city championship. Several players from these teams went on to play college ball, with one player from this championship baseball team going on to play professional baseball.

Buck influenced a lot of young men’s lives in the Spartan Mills community in and out of the rung. He retired from Southern Railway in 1990 after 40 years of service.

He passed in Spartanburg on September 29, 1994.

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