Arthur is the older brother of the famed Davis brothers of Mount Holly. Arthur, who later developed the boxing nickname of “Crash,” began his illustrious boxing career at the young age of thirteen with the Mount Holly Boxing Team. Arthur emerged as a fast growing star by winning the N.C. Featherweight Division in 1943. After the Navy7, Arthur enrolled at N.C. State and resumed his boxing career, compiling a record 61 wins and 6 defeats.

Arthur began his professional boxing career in July 1949 under the management of Chris Dundee. After five years he retired after compiling a record of 40 wins, nine defeats and five draws.

After his professional boxing career, Arthur continued his second love of full-time teaching. After retiring as principal he and wife Edna returned home to North Carolina and settled in Hendersonville.

Regretfully, Arthur is no longer with us as he fought his toughest fight and lost to cancer.

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