Billy Stanick started training amateur boxers back in 1972. Over the years, Billy has promoted more boxing tournaments and professional boxing matches than any other promoter in either of the Carolinas and possibly the entire Southeast!

Some of the outstanding fighters that her trained and managed over the years are:

Mike English
Billy trained English for 16 years and took him through his entire pro career.

Jerry Bell
Billy’s training took Bell to the World Tough Man Championship in 1995.

Billy Stanick has set up training camps at The White Rock Boxing Gym over the years for many World Champions, including Mike Tyson. In 2009, Billy was elected to the Carolinas Boxing Hall of Fame Board of Directors. He also received the Palmetto Patriot award from Senator Jakey Knotts and Lt. Governor Andre Bauer.

Over the years Billy has donated his time, resources and leadership to boxing programs all over the Carolinas.

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