Heavyweight Calvin Brock earned his B.A. degree from UNC-Charlotte. He was known as the “banking boxer” because he worked for Bank of America while preparing from the 2000 Sydney Olympic games.

Brock, who began boxing at the age of 12, had a sensational amateur career. He won hundreds of bouts for the Charlotte Boxing Academy, where he also won the National Golden Gloves and was the US Challenge Champion in 1999. He beat all in his path to qualify at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

His dream, to become the world Heavyweight Champion, faded when he Cwas stopped by Vladimir Klitschko, the sensational champ from the Ukraine, in Madison Square Garden in 2006.

In a thrilling fight in Las Vegas he earned his chance at the title when he scored a spectacular knockout over Timur Ibragimov of Russia to win the USBA title with a powerful left hook.

“Calvin was a great athlete. He would have made a fine college or even pro quarterback,” said fellow Olympian Jim Beatty and the first man to break the four minute mile indoors. “He had those smooth moves in the ring and a terrific right hand.”

“Boxing certainly gave me a start in sports,” Brock says. “I think I lost several of my first bouts but I did learn sportsmanship and how to connect with the public.” And connect he did, not only in winning a legendary number of tournaments, but finishing his pro career with a 31-32 record.

Calvin Brock, one of the best boxers to come out of the Carolinas, retired from boxing in 2007 and operates his own remodeling business.<a style="text-decoration:underline;"

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