He was a true graduate of the school of hard knocks that ended up being a success. Charlie’s father died when he was nine years old which left him to fend for himself. He soon found out one had to be tough living in the North Charlotte area during those times. Charlie began boxing at the age of thirteen for the YMCA, the Red Shield Boys Club and later at Old Tech High. Charlie was invited to join Tech’s Boxing Team because they needed a 95 pounder. Charlie has had better than 200 fights, both amateur and professional combined. Most old timers will recall boxing was at great heights in the late 40s and early 50s. There were so many entries one had to fight six days straight which Charlie had to do on two occasions in the tournaments.

Charlie was frequently called Mr. Excitement because he never fought a dull fight and displayed plenty of “guts.” Charlie took the same competitive spirit into business and made a success. Charlie attributes his success to God and boxing.

He is a member of the Mecklenburg Jaycees, the YMCA, Chamber of Commerce, a 32 Degree Mason, a Shriner and a member of Hickory Grove Church. Mr. “Excitement” was often identified as a God fearing individual, family man and humanitarian. Charlie will always be a champion as long as he has God and family in his corner.

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