Chris Hitopoulos spent over half a century associated with boxing in one way or another. He was a good amateur fighter in the early 40’s but spent most of his life organizing, training or coaching. Hitopoulos worked with the USA Boxing team for several years and accompanied the team to Canada and Russia in 1980. He was chairman of the South Carolina Golden Gloves for over 30 years and served as the Chief Athletic Commissioner for the South Carolina Athletic Commission from 1984 until 1996. Hitopoulos coached the University of South Carolina boxing team in 1976 and served as an assistant coach for the team from 1949 until 1953. He fought for the U.S. Army Air Corps boxing team from 1942 until 1948. Hitopoulos was instrumental in bringing the first professional championship match to the state of South Carolina, a bout between Mark Breeland and Martin Starling which was nationally televised. He worked as a volunteer during the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta. He later described the Olympics work as one of his most unforgettable experiences.

Chris Hitopoulos passed away in 1988.

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