Sandman was born in Cleveland County, NC. on April 25, 1953. Is married to Renae, has 4 children.

He attended Burns High School, Fallston, NC and attended Cleveland Community College.

He is a Vocational Instructor and Licensed General Contractor.

Enjoys Cooking, Fishing, Horse Back riding and Praising the Lord.

Sandman had 17 amateur bouts, 14 wins, 3 losses. He had a total of 70 professional fights winning 47, losing 21, and 2 draws. He fought as a heavy weight against World Champions such as:

  • Greg Page, Las Vegas
  • John Tate, Knoxville, TN
  • Tony Tubbs, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Alfonzo Ratliff, Chicago, IL
  • Lorenzo Zannon in Milan, Italy

Sandman trained with the following Champs:

  • Joe Frazier
  • Michael Spinks
  • Marvis Frazier
  • Jimmy Young
  • Bone Crusher Smith

He won the NC Heavyweight Championship in 1979, but lost his title in 1983 by split decision. “Looking Back, I still reminisce about the bouts I forgot and have many fond memories.” Sandman is very involved in his church. He attends Corinth Baptist Church in Vale, NC. andĀ volunteersĀ as a Teacher, Handyman, Missionary and Cook.

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