Clarence Flemings, President of the USA Boxing, North Carolina Association, Inc. was born in Rockingham, NC. Clarence enlisted in the US Army in 1965. During his military career he worked as a Communications Specialist and Activities and Recreation Non-Commissioned Officer. Upon retiring after twenty-five years of service, Flemings became a Sports Specialist, working for the Federal Government in the Recreation Department at Fort Bragg, NC.

He became involved with Amateur Boxing in 1980. During this time he worked his way up through the ranks as Referee, Chief of officials, Treasurer, Registration Chairman and finally President. He also served as Supervisor of the basketball officials for the Special Olympics Basketball Tournament.

Clarence Flemings has worn many hats during his time in boxing, some of them at the same time. He has “done about everything there is to do with boxing”, including officiating professional bouts and working the corner of professional boxers. According to him, he has enjoyed every minute of it, too.

Mr. Fleming holds a degree in Recreation, as well as further studies in Marketing and Business Management.

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