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On the afternoon of October 3, 1993, a military raid made up of a task force of Delta Force Soldiers, Army Rangers and 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment attempted to capture two of Warlord Mohamed Farah Aidid’s senior subordinates in the Mogadishu neighborhood of Bakaara Market. The mission is supposed to take no more than a half hour. The extraction by the Delta team is successful, but the Somali Militia, armed with RPG’s, shot down two Black Hawk helicopters. The resulting rescue extends the mission to over 18 hours. And Dominic Robinson-Neal was there.

“Dominic Robinson-Neal is a hero in anyone’s book,” said Billy Stanick, owner of White Rock Boxing in Columbia, SC. “He was running two miles down the road while all the guns were shooting at him. He’s one tough guy.”

After serving as an Army Ranger for 20 years, Robinson-Neal retired and returned to his passion – the sport of boxing.

In his young life, Robinson-Neal fought as an amateur, where he had 85 wins and 5 losses. Then, he turned pro and he was damned good. In his 10 professional bouts, he won every one. Then life happened, his Army career took off and boxing was shelved – at least for a time.

After leaving the military, Robinson-Neal returned to Columbia, where he took over as head coach at White Rock Boxing, training young fighters to become their best.

Now, coach Dominic Robinson Neal for the Palmetto boxing group is considered to be one of the greatest boxing coaches in the Southeast. In his time at White Rock, he’s had two National Championships. He trained his own son, DeAndre Robinson-Neal, who won the National Ringside Championship and he took TJ Hunter to his own National Title Championship.

“I’m so proud of him,” said Stanick. “Dominic never misses a day. You always know the gym is gonna be open. You know you’ll see him sparing every Saturday. He’s had 5 or 6 world champions and even set up a training camp for Luis Collazo, the Welterweight champion of the world who beat Jose Rivera.”

Robinson-Neal trains his own protégée, Angel “Non-Stop” Gladney, a female boxer who is on the rise in her own career. And he was the trainer for Donna “Nature Girl” Biggers (19-8-1, 16 KO’s) before she went to Beijing, China to fight Mia St. John as World Champion. Donna lost in a decision, but they went the full distance.

“If Dominic trains someone, you know that fighter is gonna be well conditioned and trained to fight. And all the rest of the people know it, too. He’s had more champions in the state than anyone,” said Stanick.

“Coach Dominic” as he’s known, trains at the White Rock Boxing Gym, teaches amateur and professional boxing and is also available for personal training.

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