Beginning his career in 1938, McCrary went on to compile a record of 101 wins against just four defeats. He was never beaten in a Golden Gloves tournament in the Carolinas, Virginia or anywhere in the South. He did lose twice in NYC at the national finals. McCrary didn’t lose a bout in four years as a member of the U.S. Navy boxing team either. He lost a match in high school and a YMCA fight, but later avenged both those losses. Described by his coach Tresco Johnson as a “brilliant” fighter, McCrary was knocked down just one time. That knockdown came at the hands of Frankie Donato in 1940 at the national finals in New York. Donato, a Philadelphian, won the decision by one point and went on to become the champion of the weight class. The late Jake Wade, a sports writer of prominence, always considered McCrary among the best boxers ever to come out of the South.

Born in Florence in 1923, McCrary has lived in New York, West Jefferson, N.C. and Florida.

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