Jessie “Andra” Thompson is another of the long list of athletes to be born in Wilmington, NC. Starting his boxing career in Gastonia at the age of nine and ending at the 2000 USA National Championships, he compiled an impressive 187 wins, 14 losses. Andra won the N.C. State Golden Gloves five times, represented the United States vs. Canada in 1986 and served as full time boxing coach for the City of Wilmington for over 32 years.

Andra graduated from high school in 1988 and Barber Scotia College in 1992, where he was Senior Class president. He participated in track, basketball and football but concentrated on boxing. After college he went to work full-time for the City of Wilmington Boxing and Physical Fitness Center. Andra has helped train nine national champions, two of these female. In 2007 he had three boxers to win the nationals in the same year.

Andra now resides in Wilmington with his wife Tabitha where his hobbies are basketball and coaching boxers.

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