Born December 13, 1927 in Kingstree, S.C. presently residing in Winston-Salem, N.C. – retired from the Winston-Salem Police Department after 33 years of service – McFadden had approximately 30 amateur bouts winning all of them. McFadden won the South Pacific Heavyweight Championship while serving in the Army Air Force – While boxing professionally in New York, McFadden was managed by Ray Arcel – two of the top bouts in New York City were 10 round draw with Cuban Heavyweight Champion Nino Valdez and losing a bout with the first ranked Heavyweight contender Roland LaStarza due to a cut over McFadden’s eye, McFadden lost on a technical knockout in the fifth round. Another highlight in McFadden’s career was when he boxed in the 1948 Olympic Trials in Chicago.

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