Kim Ray Welch was born in Greely, Colorado in 1955. His dad was a professional boxer, which was an early influence on both Kim and his brother. His boxing career started in 1970 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Kim, at 119 lbs., won the City Golden Gloves.

The family moved to Conover, NC in 1971 where he met Sonny Taylor, Chick McCurry and Jim Carter, who were strong influences in his life from then on. Kim and his brother fought for Lincolnton VFW and won many victories for themselves and the team. Kim says this “was the best of times”, giving credit to Coach Taylor, Coach McCurry and Coach Carter, who truly turned boys into men. According to Kim, they won every team championship for a two-year period of time. In addition, he won the 1973 Carolina Golden Gloves Championship. In 1977, both brothers were nominated by the State Boxing Commission to the NC All-Star Boxing Team. His record: 89 wins/9 losses. Kim gives credit to his coaches for his boxing successes. “What Sonny, Chick and Jim taught me early in life, I have carried with me my entire life. They are my heroes.”

Welch graduated from Appalachian State University in 1978. He served his country in the U.S. Army, spending a year in South Korea and three years in Europe, and is a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Kim works on the family’s cattle ranch in Roseland, Missouri, and enjoys watching old fight films, as well as playing golf with his son.

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