A second generation boxer, Malcolm Sanders DeWitt III was born October 23, 1933. He was a star athlete at Rivers High School in Charleston, S.C. and was awarded an athletic scholarship to the University of South Carolina for football and boxing. DeWitt convinced the football coach he was too small for the gridiron and concentrated on boxing where he was a part of the great South Carolina boxing team with teammates such as Emmett Gurney, Chuck Davis, Allen George, Don Fortner, Jack Cassiday, Andy Sciambra, Jimmy Craven, Hawyood Davis, and Howard Collins.

After a successful amateur career, DeWitt enjoyed a short yet productive career as a pro. After only 10 professional fights, Uncle Sam called and he entered the U.S. Army. Discharged in 1956, he went back to USC but decided to give up a promising professional boxing career at the urging of his wife.

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