NATHANIEL FITCH2014 Carolinas BoxingContributor of the Year Award

Nathaniel “Sweet Red” Fitch was born on October 31, 1956 in Bastrop, Louisiana. Nathaniel grew up there and joined the United States Army in 1977. In 1983, Fitch was transferred to Fort Bragg, NC where he won most of his titles: 1983 All Army Championship, 1983 Interservice Championship, 1984 Olympic Sports Festival Championship, 1985 National ABF Championship, 1987 Eastern Olympic Trials. Nathaniel had 203 bouts with 187 wins, 16 losses, 1 draw. He retired from the Army in 1955 and had 23 professional fights, winning 17 of those. He is married to Annie M. Fitch and they have two children. In 1999, now Coach Fitch, established the Fitch Youth Activity League. Coach Fitch continues to train these kids hard and teach them everything he knows about life, especially boxing.

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