Red Michaels was the first person in North Carolina to score a knockout and he did so in Greensboro, NC in 1924.

Boxing had just begun to arrive in the Carolinas at this time and this was one of the early bouts. Red was a hard swinging, crowd loving, welterweight with one of those wiry bodies. He was a right-hander with a great straight right. The first knockout was of Alton Whitfield in the second round at the old Greensboro Armory.

The roaring twenties brought many popular past times to the Carolinas like racing, minor league baseball and boxing. Boxing began then in many Carolina locations like Greensboro, Charlotte, Columbia, Charleston and Gastonia. Many of the boxers then came from the cotton mills, furniture factories and farms. They were a hard lot coming from poverty trying to make the big time in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. It was during this time that Red began to fight following an interest in the great heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey whose bout against George Carpentier in Jersey City was the first boxing match to gross over a million dollars with total ticket sales $1.7 million. While Red Grange, the Galloping Ghost of Illinois fame, became the greatest running back in football history, Babe Ruth was smashing towering homeruns and the press began to pay great attention to all sports. But boxing was to become the sport of the twenties and it finally reached down to the Carolinas and found Red Michaels who carried the nickname Hard Rock. His record was 19-15 with 14kos. Fighters in those days didn’t dodge each other like many do now nor waste their time building their records with carefully selected opponent.

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