Tad Josephs is a former Olympic boxer and long time official and coach of amateur boxing.

Born in Grenada, he became the All Caribbean Champion three times and made the 1988 Olympic Team. He won many tournaments including the Organization of Caribbean states four times, and boxed internationally many times. His final record was 80-25.

He moved to Charlotte and began an outstanding career as a coach/official with the Charlotte Boxing Academy and USA Boxing in 1994. Has has been a prolific judge/referee in more than 200 amateur bouts. He is a volunteer coach at the Charlotte Boxing Academy.

“Tad is one of our best coaches and is totally devoted to helping kids learn the sport. He passes along his vast knowledge of boxing as well as anyone. He is a great example of what is the essence of amateur boxing, ” said H.A. (Humpy) Wheeler, chairman of Charlotte Boxing.

Tad is married to Eloise, an award-winning official of USA Boxing. They have three children.

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