Tresco Johnson was a professional boxer who went from that profession to molding the lives and boxing skills of young men. He was a native of Troutman, N.C., but settled in Florence, S.C. where at the age of 24, he opened a dry cleaning establishment. Johnson was active in the business community of Florence but continued to coach. Many of his charges became Golden Gloves champions in North and South Carolina. Johnson was also an aviation enthusiast and organized The Civil Air Patrol in Florence. He was serving as a Captain in the reserve at the time of his death in 1948 at the age of 44. Johnson was a believer in clean living and good sportsmanship. He once told a friend that one of his proudest moments was when one of his young boxers volunteered to say grace at a team meal. He also served as vice president of the AAU for many years. Johnson always followed the careers of his boxers and was available for advice to all of them as long as he lived. He coached the Carolinas team at the Tournament of Champions on several occasions.

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